bass1 [beıs] n
a very low male singing voice, or a man with a voice like this
2.) [singular]
the part of a musical work that is written for a singer with a bass voice
→↑alto2 (2), ↑baritone1 (2), ↑soprano1 (2), ↑tenor1 (2)
3.) [U]
the lower half of the whole range of musical notes
The band features Johnson on bass (=playing the bass guitar) .
Do not confuse bass and base , although they have the same pronunciation.
bass 2
bass2 adj [only before noun]
a bass instrument or voice produces low notes
a bass drum
bass 3
bass3 [bæs] n plural bass
a fish that can be eaten and lives in both rivers and the sea

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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